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II. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer! 1. A: Would you like something to eat? B: No, thanks. I've just .... 2. The small piece of paper a pla … stic attached to a product is called as....3. The purpose of procedure text is ..... 4. The three generic structure of procedure text are ..... 5. My younger sister was cleaning the room... I was watching movie. 6. Andra: Hi, Udin. What were you doing... you broke your leg? Udin: I was snowboarding. 7. Tom is looking for his key. He can't find it. "He has lost his okay". The underlined sentence means that 8. X:... you ever eaten at the student cafetaria? Y: No, I usually eat all my meals at home. For questions 9 and 10, change the words in brackets into present perfect or past simple! 9. A: What's wrong? B: I... (break) a glass accidentally. 10. He... (be) a teacher before he ... (become) a musician.​
The following picture is for questionsnumber13 to 15.13. There are bed in that rooma. 1c. 3b. 2d 414. The room is so bright. There are three inthebedr … ooma. chairsb. picturesc. pillowsd.lamps 15. The curtain is ... the single coucha. underb. insidec. behindd. betweet​
Arif : Look! The ... What are they doing in the park? Amelia :They are playing rope happily ch … ild 1 poina.childb.childrenc.childsd.girl​
arjun: I got seven for math test. what about you ? indra: i got Ten Arjun: wow , you always get Ten for math subjectIndra: im just lucky A. do you thi … nk so? B. ExcellentC. i think it is good D. goodtolong bantu​
ANAGRAMS An anagram is a word made by using letters of a nother word in a different order. Sort out the following anagrams. Look at the example first. … Example: Change toga into an animal GOAT 1) Change agree into another word for keen. 2) Change thicken into a place where you cook. 3) Change fringe into a part of the body. 4) Change cheater into a job. 5) Change asleep into a word used by polite people. 6) Change beard into something you can eat. 7) Change below into a part of the body. 8) Change chain into a country. 9) Change carthorse into a group of musicians. 10) Change cruelty into a word for knives, forks, spoons, etc. 11) Change thing into a time of day. 12) Change heart into a planet. 13) Change flog into a sport. 14) Change disease into a popular place to go on holiday. 15) Change recall into one of the rooms in a house. 16) Change cheap into a fruit. 17) Change hated into something that comes to everybody. 18) Change super into something you keep money in. 19) Change flow into an animal. 20) Change keen into a part of the body. 21) Change break into a job. 22) Change tea into a verb. 23) Change swap into an insect. 24) Change bleat into an item of furniture. WORD​